Meet the Modern Bath Mat

Sick of your outdated, always-damp carpet bath mat? Elevate your bathroom with the chic, minimal, instant-drying Bath Stone.


Every time we come out of the bathroom after a shower, the feet and slippers are wet. Therefore, almost every bathroom in the home will be covered with a floor mat. This will not only dry the soles of the feet, but also look neater.

Traditional floor mats, on the other hand, may leave water stains on the ground after numerous steps due to their low water absorption effect.

The foot pads that have been stepped on also become wet. Over time, the wet foot pads are prone to retain bacteria, and even produce annoying odors, making them more troublesome.

Different from the foot pads on the market, this bath mat is a matte texture, hard material, but don’t worry if it is not smashed or dropped, it will generally not break or rot.


3 Seconds

10 Seconds

30 Seconds


The products we use everyday are often the most overlooked when it comes to innovation and change. By implementing high quality materials with a sleek design, Ralf dramatically improves a tool that we rely on in our daily routines. Our goal is to make the basic items in your life more pratical…with style.

Quality Approach to RALF

One visit to Japan was all I needed to see the emphasis placed on quality products. Returning home I was motivated to bring that emphasis into my own products.

People have a relationship with quality. If their needs are met then trust is built and they become reliable partners for years. For that to happen, quality must be exceptional, long-lasting, and universal.

Superior Manufacturing Technique

The manufacturer we work with utilizes proven techniques to create each mat by hand. Using handmade manufacturing techniques does take a little more time and money, but it is the only way to provide the quality that our backers expect.

Preparing the specialty soil used to create the mat was derived from a process utilized for many centuries by Japanese plasterers.

Specialized and skilled workers monitor the consistency and density of the material as they hand form and finish each mat. This optimizes the mats ability to absorb and evaporate water.

Additional Features

Luxurious Modern Look

All natural materials are hand formed into a bath mat that feels like something you would only find in a high-end hotel.

Sleek Surface Area

Microscopic air gaps in the Sodo mat create surface area that is maximized for quick drying.

100% Natural Materials

High quality natural soil is used to carefully form a rigid and effective surface for your feet.

Easy to Clean

Clean any unwanted stains simply with soap & water, and let the mat quickly air dry. You can even use sandpaper to quickly clean the surface if needed.

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