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Our sleek bath mat, often known as a earth mat, dries quickly under your feet! The ceramic-like material, which is made of sand like substance, has the feel of genuine stone. Unlike typical bath mats, which absorb moisture and breed bacteria, the Earth Mat is engineered to discharge water rapidly, thereby reducing the risk of mould.

Ralf bath mats are made from natural minerals from earth.

An elegant addition to your bathroom, it feels fantastic under your feet while keeping your bathroom clean and odor-free. Even better? It never needs to be machine washed and will last for years to come.
Every time we come out of the bathroom after a shower, the feet and slippers are wet. Therefore, almost every bathroom in the home will be covered with a floor mat. This will not only dry the soles of the feet, but also look neater.

Traditional floor mats, on the other hand, may leave water stains on the ground after numerous steps due to their low water absorption effect.
The foot pads that have been stepped on also become wet. Over time, the wet foot pads are prone to retain bacteria, and even produce annoying odors, making them more troublesome.

Different from the foot pads on the market, this bath mat is a matte texture, hard material, but don’t worry if it is not smashed or dropped, it will generally not break or rot.

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