Ralf Square Drains

Looking for a totally beautiful, modern and sleek bathroom concept or something to accentuate your shower? A stainless steel square shower drain is the trending element and preferred choice!

This square shower drain does not need to be limited to the shower. It can also be installed in commercial or residential bathroom areas, laundries, as well as in kitchens and food processing areas.

Ralf shower drains offer a unique drain substitute for anyone looking to easily enhance the functionality and aesthetics of their shower decor.

Ralf shower drains are made of premium 304 stainless steel, to ensure it is as corrosive and rust resistant with a long-life span. The low-profile drain is slopped to achieve the best fit, and function in a tile or stone installation. Ralf drains includes a high-quality threaded adaptor with rubber O-ring that also helps in adjusting the height of the drain; the adaptor is compatible with most 2 in. PVC, ABS, and Cast-Iron Flanges. Other Bonuses – A lifting hook is included to remove the grate from the drain; a hair and debris lift-out strainer is also included to capture unwanted object to avoid clogging the pipe.

The modern classic among center shower drains. Ralf shower drains are ideal for remodeling as well as new construction due to the low installation depth. Ralf offers three exclusive color ranges including Stainless Steel, Rose Gold and Gun Metal finishes that can be customized by tiling with the client’s choice of tiles.

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