TI Square

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Ralf’s TI Square channels are Square Floor Drains that have an unbroken appearance, meant to handle large volumes of water and especially designed for 13mm Tiles.

Tile Insert Drain trays have a dual application- they can be flipped to get the stainless steel part on top to suit the scheme of the bathrooms décor.

If you’re installing new bathroom floor drains, choose a tile insert point drain that looks modern and functional. Bathroom floor waste is often neglected due to its otherwise sterile appearance, which can be prevented with a tile insert point drain. Exclusively found in locker rooms and commercial bathrooms. Ralf tile insert drains are customized to your space, where the water is pulled to a long and narrow trough at the end of the shower.

Floor waste must be finished with a 100mm diameter circular chrome grate, but it stands out with stainless steel brass tapware and hardware finishes. They offer a seamless look as it integrates with the chosen floor tile, which has a stainless-steel border that is less noticeable. Due to their sleek finish and smooth surface, they almost look invisible. Their linearity offers greater design freedom when planning the layout of the shower, and can be further covered with decorative tiles and channel covers.

Not only attractive, but with greater functionality! Easier to install than a standard drain, the tile insert point drain here is used to keep water where it should be – off the floor, keeping wet areas safe, while retaining clean bathroom lines.

With this Tile insert you will be removing the strainer (or in some cases the barrel as well) and replacing our square tile insert drain onto the drain barrel (or clamp ring). Your square tile insert drain is set just as you would set any tile. Mud into thin set mortar bed along with a flexible sealant around its perimeter.

TI Square
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